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About Us

The creation of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD) was approved at the 1124th meeting of the Board of Regents of the University of the Philippines on 24 September 1998.

The rationale:

  • With the advancement of scientific research and the advent of information and transfer technology, the vital role of academicians and researchers in national development efforts in an increasingly global village is underscored. Such recognition has spawned the imperative for institutions to create offices for research and development to properly address, coordinate and meet the tremendous demand for research results. With advancing information technology, resource generation as well as the protection of research results can also be best implemented in an institutional setting.
  • Research is an important aspect of faculty academic work but its pursuit is another track distinct from and closely related to their classroom teaching. Enhancing research in a university requires providing it a distinct track as well as its own office.

For the official Board of Regents Resolution on the creation of OVCRD, click HERE.