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Research Management Office

The Research Management Office or PRMO is headed by a Director and it has three sub-units: Research Coordination Section, Data Center Section, and Resource Generation Section.


  1. Formulates policies regarding research and development
  2. Administers research projects, theses and dissertation grants funded by OVCRD and external funding sources; monitors completion of researchers; and institutes measures or guidelines regarding research activities
  3. Maintains/monitors an updated master list of all UPD R&D activities
  4. Provides and gathers R&D data to UPD administration and to researchers within and outside UPD
  5. Processes requests for Research and Creative Work Load Credit
  6. Establishes networks with other UP Diliman units for information sharing
  7. Identifies and prioritizes areas of R&D and, for this purposes, coordinates with relevant offices, agencies and institutions, and regularly updates the UP Diliman research community on these priorities
  8. Coordinates with the Research Dissemination and Utilization Office in disseminating research outputs
  9. Provides training and technical assistance to UP Diliman faculty members, staff and students involved in R&D activities
  10. Formulates policies and prepares project proposals/concept papers related to resource generation for R&D activities
  11. Establishes linkages with national and international funding agencies and the private sector for the commercialization of technology developed in UP Diliman in order to generate funds
  12. Establishes linkages with local and international R&D experts for support in research undertakings
  13. Convenes academic units and funding institutions to explain the mechanics in applying for (international) research grants
  14. Explores creative ways of generating funds and providing incentives to underwrite research activities of UP Diliman faculty and staff
  15. Ensures accountability in terms of project commitment, completion and fund management


Research Coordination Section

The Research Coordination Section administers research projects funded by OVCRD as well as those that are externally funded. OVCRD research grants are divided into two major clusters: Natural Sciences and Engineering, and Social Sciences and Humanities. Grants for research projects, theses and dissertations are awarded to UP faculty and/or students whose proposals satisfy the selection criteria of the OVCRD as evaluated by Research (Proposal) Evaluation Committees.

Data Center Section

The Data Center Section is tasked to provide R&D to UP Diliman administration and researchers in and outside UP Diliman. The section regularly gathers data concerning UP Diliman research projects/creative work and their outputs. Data gathering activities include sending/requesting:

  1. listing of awards to/from various UP Diliman units;
  2. listing of research outputs to/from various UP Diliman units;
  3. copies of MOAs and Research Contracts from various UP Diliman units; and
  4. research load credit forms from faculty members.

Resource Generation Section

To support the project development thrust of the PMRGO, the Research Generation Section primarily identifies local and foreign sources of funds, and conceptualizes sustainable resource generation activities for UP Diliman R&D. Specifically, it assists in formulating policies and guidelines on resource generation, and works on identifying and prioritizing areas for R&D by coordinating with relevant offices and agencies, and regularly updating the UP Diliman research community on R&D priorities. To generate funds, the section assists in establishing linkages with national and international funding agencies and with the private sector for the commercialization of technology developed in UP Diliman. It also coordinates with local and global R&D experts for support in research undertakings.