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Research Dissemination & Utilization Office

The Research Dissemination and Utilization Office or RDUO is headed by a Director, and is composed of the Publications/Marketing Section and the Intellectual Property Section.


  1. Publishes/disseminates research outputs
  2. Establishes a reward and incentive system for publications arising from R&D activities, including commercial applications
  3. Makes preliminary review of research outputs, manuscripts, and other materials submitted for possible publication by OVCRD
  4. Proofreads, copy edits, and lays out materials for publication (books, monographs, regular OVCRD journals)
  5. Publishes the following journals:a) Science Diliman, a refereed semi-annual journal of the pure and applied sciences
    b) Social Science Diliman, a refereed semi-annual journal for the social sciences and their applications
    c) Humanities Diliman, a refereed semi-annual, multi-disciplinal and disciplinary journal for the humanities
  6. Publishes the Research Folio, a quarterly collection of research highlights and summaries
  7. Promotes research through its publications and other dissemination activities such as seminars, book launchings, etc.
  8. Assists UP Diliman faculty and researchers in intellectual property rights concerns
  9. Markets OVCRD publications
  10. Establishes linkages with bookstores and possible outlets of OVCRD publications
  11. Establishes linkages with other institutions for possible co-publication ventures
  12. Maintains the OVCRD website, and participates in book fairs to promote OVCRD publications and disseminate research output
  13. Generates additional funds by accepting job contracts (book designing, lay outing, copy editing, proofreading, etc.)


Publications/Marketing Section

The Publications/Marketing Section administers research output, manuscripts, and other materials submitted to RDUO for possible publication (see Books). It handles preliminary review, proofreading, copy editing, and lay outing of these materials as well as of the regular OVCRD publications (Science Diliman, Social Science Diliman, Humanities Diliman, and the Research Folio).

As part of this section’s marketing concerns, it establishes linkages with bookstores and possible outlets of OVCRD publications. It also participates in book fairs and maintaings a website to help promote OVCRD publications and disseminate research output.

The unit also provides publishing-related services by accepting job contracts for book designs, lay out, proofreading, copy editing, etc.

Intellectual Property Section

The Intellectual Property Section assist UP Diliman personnel undertaking R&D activities in the protection, licensing, patenting, and/or copyrighting of their work as well as the marketing thereof. It formulates policies and guidelines that govern intellectual property rights for research projects and undertakings funded and/or administered by OVCRD as well as IPR guidelines for UP Diliman in general.