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UP Sablay

The UP Sablay is the official academic costume of the University of the Philippines. The official colors of the University, maroon and green, were used in the sablay. Yellow gold, which stands for the high standards of values and excellence, was also used. The colors, based on the Panthone ProSim color chart, are Panthone 195 CVP (maroon), Panthone 349 CVP (green), and Panthone 138 CVP (yellow gold).The indigenous letters Alibata for U and Alibata for P, originating from the indigenous alphabet called baybayin or katitikan, are equivalent to the Roman letters “U” and “P”, respectively. The curvilinear design called ukkil or ukit, which resembles a sprouting plant, signifies life. The geometric designs (in zigzag and diamond patterns) are common design elements gracing the attires and functional objects of indigenous peoples from Batanes to Tawi-tawi. Arranged continuously and rhythmically, these geometric designs highlight the diverse cultural communities in the Philippines and the University’s pursuit of knowledge, cultural enrichment, and scientific advancement.

Date of Registration: 13 September 2002
Date of Issuance of Certificate of Copyright Registration and Deposit: 23 September 2002

About the Creators:

  • Virginia D. Monje is a Professor at the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of the College of Science.
  • Rogelio L. Juliano Jr. (deceased) is a former Associate Professor at the Department of Speech Communications and Theater Arts of the College of Arts and Letters.
  • Abraham P. Sakili is an Associate Professor at the Department of Art Studies of the College of Arts and Letters.
  • Antoinette B. Hernandez is an Associate Professor at the Department of Speech Communications and Theater Arts of the College of Arts and Letters.
  • Consuelo J. Paz is a retired Professor at the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy.
  • Carmen G. Diaz de Ventanilla is a retired Professor at the University of the Philippines.

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Comments (13)

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  1. Mia Rotor says:

    May I inquire if it is in writing and officially stated how to wear a sablay; eg. what color dress to wear, where to hang a sablay left or right? Thank you for any information you can give.

  2. Yael says:

    May isang school somewhere in Luzon na parang sablay din ang academic gown, blue na lang ang kulay. Nakalimutan ko na kung ano ang pangalan ng school, basta somewhere in the provinces.

  3. Mayenni Oca says:

    Is there a difference in the sablay worn by the candidates for graduation for master’s and bachelor’s degrees?

  4. roy says:

    What is the measurement of sablay?

    • Elaine says:

      The Sablay has 3 sizes… Small, Medium and Large. My height is 5’4 so mine is in Medium.

  5. Val says:

    UP Manila has two graduation rites/ceremonies. Graduates wear Sablay over the traditional garments during their respective College recognitions, and wear toga during the University Graduation. These ceremonies are usually scheduled on different dates.

    If I may ask, can UP alumni wear the Sablay in functions outside of UP? Say a faculty member who graduated from UP but is employed in another university, can he use the Sablay during the graduation rites of that university?

    If so, can the Sablay be worn over formal clothing instead of the traditional Barong Tagalog? Thanks.

    • Procopio Porciuncula says:

      I actually saw some San Beda College faculty members who are UP alumni who used the Sablay during the SBC commencement exercises. My sister is an alumna of SBC’s College of Arts and Sciences.

  6. malou says:

    my son is in UP-Mindanao. I noticed UP-Min had been using sablay….

  7. gg says:

    actually UP Manila does use the Sablay during the college recognition program which we like to call “college graduation” or the “half-graduation”. The other “half” of graduation is the “university graduation” and we wear the toga and cap

  8. upm undergrad says:

    I am undergrad from UP Manila, we use sablay for our college graduation. 😀

  9. Procopio Porciuncula says:

    It looks like UPLB has finally decided to switch towards using the Sablay during their commencement exercises. The UPLB University Council finally approved it, which means that this year’s commencement exercises would be the last time that UPLB graduates would use the traditional graduation gown.

  10. shelley says:

    Pantone without the ‘h’ is the color authority. Their charts are used to standardize colors.

  11. rduo says:

    The copyright only covers the UP Sablay rather than all types of sashes. Other colleges and universities may use graduation sashes of their own design.