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The Future of the Book: Digital Publishing

The first Philippine digital publishing conference with the theme “The Future of the Book” was held at the UP-Ayala TechnoHub from September 13-14, 2010.During the two-day conference, publishing professionals and industry leaders discussed the business aspect of digital publishing and its being an exciting business opportunity for existing and prospective publishers in the Philippines.

One of the speakers was the Executive Director of the German Book Association, Mr. Johannes Scherer who discussed the “New Dynamics of Publishing.” He talked about the E-book market where he said the digital content will overtake the classic book trade within 10 years. He also mentioned the following advantages of an e-book. It makes possible full text searches, a wide variety of contents, font size selection, and play of MP3 formats. According to Scherer, work with digital text has become easier and more productive than before. There are enhanced e-books which contain multimedia functions. He also explained the concept of self-publishing like Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Nobles,, Scribd. Self-publishing is the publication of any book or other media by the author of the work, without the involvement of an established third-party publisher, vanity presses, or print on demand (POD). It is generally entirely done at the expense of the author (

“Alice in Wonderland” in I-Pad

The Espresso Book Machine which can print a hard copy of a book in 5 minutes

Scherer likewise talked about the risks of digital publishing where around 1 million books can be freely accessed by all users online; from 50,000 to 100,000 websites offer illegal content.

On the other hand, the head of the social content strategy for Yahoo Southeast Asia, Mr. Joey Alarilla discussed “The Future of Books in the Age of Social Reading”. He mentioned that the “now” generation is also the “share” generation where a book should be a shared experience, and reading is never a solitary experience.


By Gracious Romero

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