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OVCRD and ORP hold Research & Creative Work Disclosure and Patent Application Invention Seminar

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD) and the Office of Research and Publications (ORP) of the College of Home Economics (CHE) of the University of the Philippines-Diliman held the Research and Creative Work Disclosure and Patent Application Invention Seminar last February 14, 2011 at the CHE’s Tea Room. The Seminar is part of the Research, Publication and Extension Week 2011 of the College of Home Economics’s 50th anniversary Kick-off. The seminar aims to increase the awareness about Intellectual Property and its protection through the assistance of the Technology Transfer Office.ORP Chair Patricia Azanza opened the seminar by introducing OVCRD’s resource speakers to the audience of students and faculty members of the College of Home Economics. The speakers were Ms. Melissa Angelica Camacho, Ms. May Japson and Mr. Cedrik Ben Gayares of OVCRD’s Technology Transfer Office and Ms. Mary Rose Austria of UP’s Enterprise Program. Ms. Camacho introduced the definition of Intellectual Property, its different types and the importance of registering it for protection. She also discussed the benefits of registering one’s creative works for IP protection through OVCRD’s Technology Transfer Office. Ms. Japson detailed the Technology Transfer Process. She also described how OVCRD could assist researchers register Copyrightable works through the Copyright Information form. She also talked about how researchers could estimate the readiness of their work to market entry through the Opportunity Assessment Form. Mr. Gayares explained the various sections of the Invention Disclosure Form, the first step in disclosing their patentable inventions to the OVCRD. Finally, Ms. Austria introduced the Enterprise Program, UP Diliman’s Technopreneurship program. The Program offers serices such as mentorship and office services to assist researchers in introducing their technologies and creative works to the market.
Prof. Patricia Azanza opened the question and answer session after the resource speakers finished their discussion. Some participants inquired about how Intellectual Property protection would affect the development of their academic career. They also asked how they could gain revenue from their creative works through registration for Patents, Industrial Design and Copyright. CHE Dean Adelaida Mayo formally closed the seminar after the lively forum.

For more information about the Technology Transfer Office please visit

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ORP Chair Patricia Azanza introduces the Technology Transfer Officers

Ms. Melissa Camacho discusses Intellectual Property (IP) and the benefits of protecting IP through the OVCRD

Ms. May Japson discusses the Technology Transfer Process and the Copyright Application Protocol

Mr. Cedrik Ben Gayares discusses the Invention Disclosure Form

Ms. Mary Rose Austria introduces Enterprise, the DOST-UP Technology Business Incubator

Audience composed of students and faculty members of the College of Home Economics

CHE Dean Adelaida Mayo closes the Research & Creative Work Disclosure and Patent Application Invention Seminar

By Cedrik Ben Gayares

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