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OVCRD Journals Gain Highest Accreditation from CHED

OVCRD Journals Gain Highest Accreditation from CHED
Narita E.C. de las Alas

UP cover

The three journals of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD) – Humanities Diliman, Science Diliman and Social Science Diliman – have been accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as Category A (Very Good – Excellent) journals. Humanities Diliman received Category A-1 accreditation for 2013-2015 subsequent to its indexing in Scopus in 2012. Science Diliman and Social Science Diliman earned Category A-2 accreditation for 2014-2016 and 2013-2015, respectively. Category A-2 is the highest level of accreditation CHED confers to journals not (yet) listed in Scopus or Thomson Reuters.

UP cover

Category A journals receive a publication award of two hundred thousand pesos (PhP 200,000) per year from CHED during the period of accreditation. Moreover, faculty members who publish their works in Category A journals are deemed to have complied with the CHED’s requirements pertaining to international level publication. Category A journals are also endorsed by CHED for library subscription.

Humanities Diliman publishes scholarly works on Philippine humanities. As a Scopus-indexed journal, Humanities Diliman is covered by UP’s International Publication Award. Science Diliman features researches in both pure and applied sciences, while Social Science Diliman publishes scholarly articles about society and change. The three journals are published online through the OVCRD website <>.

SD cover-jan-june2014

The OVCRD is also pleased to announce that the online edition of the June 2014 issue of Science Diliman is now available <


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