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Philippine Engineering Journal Centennial Issue Launched

The College of Engineering (COE) of the University of the Philippines-Diliman launched the Philippine Engineering Journal Centennial Issue at the Beta Epsilon Multimedia Room, Melchor Hall of the UP College last December 14, 2010.


Dr. Mark H. Zarco, managing editor, gave the opening remarks. He said that the journal was a compilation of outstanding articles published in the PEJ since 1980. The editorial board selected the 10 articles to be included in this two-part issue.


On behalf of Dr. Aura C. Matias, Dean of COE, Dr. Rhodora M. Gonzales, Associate Editor, explained the process of their search for the old articles representing the best of what COE faculty have been doing in the college. The two-part issue demonstrates the pioneering works that set the trend in technology development. She also said that reprinting landmark articles reminds the present of the past. The researches are relevant until today as we continue to search for knowledge, for better ways of doing things, and for sustaining life in our planet.  “We are reminded that we have to pursue here, we have to carry on, there’s much to be done. Kung nagawa natin noon, dapat mas magawa natin ngayon” challenged Dr. Gonzales.


Dr. Zarco acknowledged the authors and COE guests who attended the event. He distributed complimentary copies to Dr. Guevarra, Dean at the time the centennial issue of PEJ was conceived, Dr. Ibarra Cruz, Dr. Ruben Garcia, Prof. Cedrik (on behalf of Prof. Teodorico Festin), Dean Manolo Mena, Dr. Karl Vergel, Dr. Gonzales, Dr. Peranan, Assoc. Dean for Institution & Research, and Dr. Nieves, Associate Editor for EEE. Copies were likewise given to the associate editors, the college secretary, and representatives from the main library.


Dr. Leonardo Q. Liongson, PEJ editor-in-chief, delivered the closing remarks. He reiterated the reasons for the significance of the latest issue: (1) to celebrate the centennial of the college (2) to celebrate some of the best written works of the faculty, and (3) to encourage more readers. He also acknowledged the efforts of the associate editors and managing editor for coming up with the issue.


Dr. Mark Zarco, managing editor, gives the opening remarks.

Dr. Zarco introduces Dr. Rhodora Gonzales, Associate Editor of Geodetic Engineering, for an inspirational talk.

Dr. Leonardo Liongson, Editor-in-Chief, tells the stories behind the PEJ journals.

Dr. Zarco and Dr. Liongson with Associate Editors, Dr. de Leon and Dr. Soriano.

By Luis Jayceel Novio

Antonioni, Visconti, Fellini and Pasolini: Straddling Cinema and Literature

Here are the videos of the lecture and the Q&A:

The Future of the Book: Digital Publishing

The first Philippine digital publishing conference with the theme “The Future of the Book” was held at the UP-Ayala TechnoHub from September 13-14, 2010.During the two-day conference, publishing professionals and industry leaders discussed the business aspect of digital publishing and its being an exciting business opportunity for existing and prospective publishers in the Philippines.

One of the speakers was the Executive Director of the German Book Association, Mr. Johannes Scherer who discussed the “New Dynamics of Publishing.” He talked about the E-book market where he said the digital content will overtake the classic book trade within 10 years. He also mentioned the following advantages of an e-book. It makes possible full text searches, a wide variety of contents, font size selection, and play of MP3 formats. According to Scherer, work with digital text has become easier and more productive than before. There are enhanced e-books which contain multimedia functions. He also explained the concept of self-publishing like Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Nobles,, Scribd. Self-publishing is the publication of any book or other media by the author of the work, without the involvement of an established third-party publisher, vanity presses, or print on demand (POD). It is generally entirely done at the expense of the author (

“Alice in Wonderland” in I-Pad

The Espresso Book Machine which can print a hard copy of a book in 5 minutes

Scherer likewise talked about the risks of digital publishing where around 1 million books can be freely accessed by all users online; from 50,000 to 100,000 websites offer illegal content.

On the other hand, the head of the social content strategy for Yahoo Southeast Asia, Mr. Joey Alarilla discussed “The Future of Books in the Age of Social Reading”. He mentioned that the “now” generation is also the “share” generation where a book should be a shared experience, and reading is never a solitary experience.


By Gracious Romero

UPD ChE Conducts Research Planning Workshop

The Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of the Philippines-Diliman (UPD-ChE) held their Research Planning Workshop on October 18-19, 2010 at the Meralco Development Center.According to Dr. Rizalinda de Leon, the Chair of the ChE department, the Department aims to align its goals with the National R&D Priorities for 2010-2016 provided by the Presidential Coordinating Council on Research and Development (PCCRD). By so doing, the Department hopes to have a niche in the Chemical Engineering research and development sector.

Chemical Engineering Department Chair Rizalinda L. de Leon leading a group of UPD-ChE faculty members during the break-out session.

In line with this goal, the Department conducted break-out sessions where the faculty members brainstormed possible solutions to problems encountered in the field of Chemical Engineering. These solutions were then presented to the entire department. The faculty then discussed whether these could actually be pursued.Aside from the brainstorming session, the Department also discussed ways of transforming their ideas to marketable products, identifying collaborators, producing a research culture, and writing effective grant proposals.

To learn about these skill sets, various resources speakers were tapped. Engr. Nestor Felicio, Vice-President for Strategic Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management of United Laboratories Inc, described the skills needed by researchers to collaborate efficiently with industry, especially in the field of pharmaceuticals and chemical production. He also discussed the trends of global pharmaceutical research such as the opportunities in the research and production for natural and organic materials. Dr. Luis Sison, Vice Chancellor for Research and Development discussed the process of innovation. Innovation involves a balance between the consumers’ needs or the “market pull” and the inventions developed by the research and development institutions or the “technology push”. The Technology Transfer Officers (TTO) of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD) also discussed technology transfer or the process by which an idea is transformed into a commercializable product or service. They likewise explained how the OVCRD can assist ChE faculty in commercializing their research initiatives. Dr. Joel Joseph Marciano of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering discussed how to create a research culture within the department. Dr. Henry Ramos, the Director of the Project Management and Resource Generation of the OVCRD, presented effective means of writing proposals for obtaining research grants from funding agencies.

Engr. Nestor Felicio discussing the key skills researchers needed to promote and commercialize their technologies.

Vice-Chancellor Luis Sison describing the Innovation Process to UPD-ChE.

Dr. Joel Joseph Marciano discussing how to establish a research culture within UPD-ChE.

Dr. Henry Ramos discussing how to draft effective proposals for requesting research grants.

By Cedrik Ben Gayares

Leadership, Management and Technology (A Necessary and Potent Combination for Progress)

The UP College of Engineering and the UP Alumni Engineers

present the

30th Distiguished Alumni Lecture Series (DALS)

Filemon T. Berba, Jr.
EE ’59, magna cum laude, Board topnotcher
Master’s in Business Administration (with distinction) Wharton
Graduate School of the University of Pennsylvania, 1964

Lecture title: “Leadership, Management and Technology (A Necessary and Potent Combination for Progress)”

Abstract: We are all witnesses and participants in today’s fast changing global environment driven by technology. Engineers learn how to solve complex problems and develop new technologies. But how do we transform these knowldge into progress for the good of society? Progress come about when there is a stong correlation among leadership, management and technology. We must learn how to manage technology, to use it judiciously as tools to make use of scarce resources. More importantly, we need the leadership to provide the proper guidance so that management does the right things right with the right technology. Leadership deals with effectiveness. Management deals with efficiency. Technology provides the right tools.

October 4, 2010, 8:30-11:30 a.m.
G.E. Theater, 4th Flr., Melchor Hall

Click HERE for the transcript of Engr. Berba’s talk.

Y4IT 2010 Experience: Boot-up. Connect. Converge.

Over 23,000 participants, mostly students and professionals from different colleges and universities all over the country took part in the Youth Conference on Information Technology (Y4IT) 2010 held last Sept. 14-17, 2010 at the University of the Philippines Theater, the Film Institute and Aldaba Hall.Among the topics covered were: technology for education, development and disaster mitigation, mobile computing, IT trends, game development, social networking, business development in the information technology and BPO industry, among others.

During the conference, Wikimedia also made its official debut. It is the official local chapter of Wikimedia Foundation, the international non-profit free content organization best known for its Wikimedia open encyclopedia project. It aims to promote the growth and development of free media but with an emphasis on content created for and by Filipinos.

Senior Producer of Outblaze Limited Mr. Ali Kojori during his keynote speech last Sept 17, 2010 at the University Theater (Photo Courtesy of Bam Chua, UP ITTC Documentation Officer)

Co-Founder of CEO Timble and former Project Manager Joomla! Mr. Johan Janssens during his talk on “Open Source Your Career” last Sept. 15, 2010 (Photo Courtesy of Bam Chua, UP ITTC Documentation Officer)

Academic Developer Evangelist of Microsoft Philippines Mr. Tim Vergel De Dios during his talk on Microsoft Technology Updates last Sept. 15, 2010 (Photo Courtesy of Bam Chua, UP ITTC Documentation Officer)

By Gracious Romero

DME Unveils 3D Scanner and 3D Printer

The University of the Philippines-Diliman’s Department of Mechanical Engineering (DME) demonstrated the Objet Eden 260V 3D printer and ZScanner® 700 CX 3D Scanner last September 24, 2010 at the DME’s Machine Design Laboratory. DME currently houses the only Objet Eden 260V 3D printer in the country.Prof. Gerald Denoga, chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, headed the demonstration. The 3D printer translates computer assisted designs into three dimensional prototypes. The machine creates these prototypes by stacking layers of photosensitive resins. Each layer is then hardened by subjecting them to ultraviolet light. Prof. Denoga also demonstrated the use of a 3D scanner which translates real world objects into computer assisted designs. The handheld scanner uses lasers to measure the distances relative to the object’s surface. Coordinates obtained through the scanner is then plotted in a computer to recreate a 3D-copy of the object. Both the 3D scanner and 3D printer are invaluable in creating and testing new designs and working prototypes for materials ranging from simple gears to complex designs such as clockwork.

DME aims to use the 3D printing technology in establishing a design and manufacture center where artists, engineers and designers may design, prototype and manufacture their creations. Prof. Denoga added that institutions that need design and prototyping technologies such as the Department of Industrial Engineering and the College of Fine Arts are welcome to use the 3D Scanner and 3D Printer.

Prof. Gerald Denoga with the 3D printer. The yellow adjustable wrench was still printing at the foreground when the picture was taken.

The resulting adjustable wrench produced by the 3D printer

A 3D Scanning in progress. The dots are reference markers that create reference points which help 3D scanning applications align pieces of scanned data.

By Cedrik Ben Gayares

NEDA holds “Stakeholder’s Step-Up Campaign Forum on Philippine MDGs”

The National Economic Development Authority held the “Stakeholder’s Step-Up Campaign Forum on Philippine MDGs” last September 8, 2010 at Dusit Thani Manila in Makati City. The event promoted the findings on the Philippines’ progress in attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s), such as ending extreme poverty and malnutrition by the year 2015. Local government leaders, members of the Philippine Congress and Civil Society Organizations, representatives from the academe and members of the diplomatic community attended the forum.Various speakers from the Philippine government and the international community discussed the current status of the Philippine and international efforts to reach the target MDG’s. Secretary Enrique Ona of the Department of Health discussed the country’s progress in reaching the health MDG’s such as Maternal Care and Clean water supply. Dr. Jacqueline Badcock, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations, reiterated the UN’s commitment in supporting the Philippines’ aim to meet the MDG’s. Ms. Vanessa Tobin, representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund, said that many countries are moving forward in reaching their MDG’s, even the poorest ones. However, progress is slowed down due to factors such as lack of resources, focus, and accountability. Secretary Cayetano W. Paderanga Jr. of the National Economic and Development Authority presented the Philippines’ Fourth Progress Report on the MDG. To close the forum, His Excellency President Aquino III delivered the keynote address where he urged the Filipino people to cooperate with the Philippine government in attaining the MDG’s.

For more information about the National and the Provincial Millennium Development Goals Reports, please visit:

By Cedrik Ben Gayares

OVCRD-UP Diliman Conducts Invention Disclosure Form and Patent Workshop with DME

The Technology Transfer Officers of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD) at UP Diliman conducted their third Invention Disclosure Form and Patent workshop for the members of the Department of Mechanical Engineering (DME) on September 06, 2010 at the Conference Room of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The team and Vice-Chancellor Luis Sison discussed the filing of patents, the functions of the OVCRD’s technology transfer team, UPD’s protocols for Intellectual Property Protection, and the filling in of the Invention Disclosure Form.The DME group, which was comprised of Prof. Gerald Denoga, Prof. Edwin N. Quiros, Prof. Menandro Berana, Ms. Juvy Balbarona, Mr. Ralph Jose and Mr. Rex Bingabing discussed their current technologies that might be developed for patent application and commercialization. The technology transfer team also clarified some questions raised by the DME faculty like the territoriality of patents.

The representatives from the Department of Mechanical Engineering headed by Chairman Gerald Jo Denoga (fourth from the right) and the OVCRD Technology Transfer Team lead by Vice-Chancellor Luis Sison (fourth from the left)

The DME and the OVCRD Technology Transfer Team also discussed the possibility plan of holding an IDF and Patent workshop for the ME 155 course (Machine Design III) of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The Technology Transfer Team hopes to assist the students at ME 155 in developing patentable technologies.

Inquiries about OVCRD’s IDF and Patent Workshop Program may be addressed to:

Mr. Cedrik Ben Gayares
Technology Transfer Officer
OVCRD phone: (Phone) 927-2309, (UP Trunkline) 981-8500 loc. 4047/4048

By Cedrik Ben Gayares

OVCRD-UP Diliman Conducts Invention Disclosure Form and Patent Workshop with NIMBB

The Technology Transfer Officers of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD) at UP Diliman conducted their second Invention Disclosure Form and Patent workshop for the members of the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (NIMBB) on July 20, 2010 (click HERE for the first Invention Disclosure and Patent Workshop with NIMBB).  The team briefed the NIMBB researchers on the features of patentable technologies and patent filing, the Invention Disclosure Form and OVCRD’s protocol in the evaluation, protection and commercialization of the invention.

The NIMBB group, which was comprised of Dr. Vermando Aquino, Dr. Neil Andrew Bascos, Dr. Wilberto Monotilla and Mr. Fabini Orata, presented the current research initiatives at the NIMBB. Among these technologies are new plant varieties, improved methodology for studying protein structures, identification of candidate alga for biofuel production and isolation of microbial enzymes for biotech industry processes. The Technology Transfer Officers and Vice-Chancellor Luis Sison suggested various routes for developing and commercializing these technologies.

The OVCRD Technology Transfer Team plans to hold another IDF and Patent workshop for the Department of Mechanical Engineering in September.

Any interested UP Diliman departments and institutions may contact the OVCRD to request assistance in protecting and commercializing the technologies developed at their facility.

Inquiries about OVCRD’s IDF and Patent Workshop may be addressed to:

Mr. Cedrik Ben Gayares
Technology Transfer Officer
OVCRD phone:  (Phone) 927-2309, (UP Trunkline) 981-8500 loc. 4047/4048


By Cedrik Ben Gayares

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