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Programs and Presentations

20 January 2014 Presentations

Session 1: Influencing National-level Initiatives through Research and Creative Work Programs

  • Home Economics Breaking Borders: Addressing Basic Needs beyond the Home – Dr. Aurorita T. Roldan (Dean, College of Home Economics)
  • Technology Needs and Industry Capacity Assessment for Philippine Tropical Fabrics (PTF) through the Value Chain Approach  – Prof. Edison D. Cruz (Director, Technology Management Center)
  • Research in Support of Educational Reforms -Dr. Rosario I. Alonzo (Dean, College of Education)
  • Philippine Rice Self-sufficiency Program: Pitfalls and Remedies – Dr. Ramon L. Clarete (Dean, School of Economics)

Special Session

  • A 20-year Case Study on Microbial Cellulose Technology Utilization and Commercialization -Dr. Gonzalo C. Serafica (Visiting Scientist, UP System)

Session 2: Breaking New Grounds, Exploring Alternative Perspectives

Session 3: Insighting: Implementing Socially-relevant Research and Creative Work Programs

29 July 2013 Presentations

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Session 1:  Scholarship as Social Commentary: Understanding the Filipino Psyche

  • Life satisfaction, self-concept and possible selves of Clarkfield Aytas – Dr. Florencia Charito I. Sebastian (Director, UP Diliman Extension Program in Pampanga)
  • The Bangsamoro: Framing Philippine nation-building, reform, and Moro struggle for sel-determination – Prof. Julkipli M. Wadi (Dean, Institute of Islamic Studies)
  • Unlocking the secrets of Philippine music notations in UP Music Library: Towards a wider vista for writing Philippine music history – Dr. Jose S. Buenconsejo (Dean, College of Music)

Session 2:  Institution Building towards Honor, Excellence and Service to the Nation

Session 3:  Influencing National-level Initiatives through/for Research, Creative Work and    Extension Programs

Session 4:  Prioritizing People: The University as Social Advocate

21 January 2013 Presentations

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Session 1: The University and the Government

Session 2: The University and the Public

  • Regulatory policies in hospital licensing system – Dan A. Saguil (Center for Policy and Executive Development, National College of Public Administration and Governance)
  • The Dictionary of Filipino Musical Terms – Grace Ann Buenaventura (Center for Ethnomusicology)
  • Using lesson study to promote teaching Mathematics through problem solving and teaching Science through inquiry – Soledad A. Ulep, PhD (National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education)
  • Development, College of Education Impacts of natural hazards in the Philippines and the latest government initiative to address recurring disasters – Alfredo Mahar F. Lagmay, PhD (National Institute for Geological Sciences, College of Science)

Session 3: Understanding Fundamental Societal Issues: Micro Context

Session 4: Understanding Fundamental Societal Issues: Macro Contexts

5 September 2012 Presentations

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16 January 2012 Presentations

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