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UP Diliman supports the 12th Development Policy Research Month (DPRM) 2014

For further details and schedule of activities/fora, visit

DPRM 2014

Laboratory Animal Workshop

NSRI Workshop

OVCRD Kicks Off Campaign on Intellectual Property Protection in UP Diliman

Series of IP talks initially slated in College of Engineering on 18 Aug, 30 Sept

By Agnes May B. Bantigue and Karen N. Azupardo

Beginning the first semester of academic year 2014-2015, the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD), through its Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology Transfer Team, is spearheading an IP Protection Awareness Campaign in the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman.

The IP and Technology Transfer Team will hold a series of talks for students and faculty beginning 18 August 2014 initially for the Department of Mining, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering (DMMME). The Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) Consortium of the College of Engineering will also be holding an IP orientation session for faculty, students, and research, extension and professional staff (REPS) set on 30 September.

Innovation and research outputs play a central role in sustained social and economic development as proven by current global economic trends that have become increasingly knowledge-based. As national university mandated to serve as a research university by conducting and promoting R&D and disseminating knowledge, UP therefore can be among the key institutions that would propel the country to lead the ranks of knowledge-based economies.

Yet despite the valuable research and creative works in the University, there is very little knowledge about IP and IP protection among faculty, researchers, and students. Based on low number of invention and creation disclosures to the OVCRD every year, majority are unaware of the importance of obtaining IP Rights. Many are unaware that without IP protection, outputs are vulnerable to exploitation by other parties. Pharmaceutical companies can patent published research on a new medicine for themselves, or commercial firms can use photos uploaded on the web for their own economic gains.

IP Campaign poster main

The Campaign seeks to introduce faculty, researchers, and students to the idea of IP and the benefits of obtaining IP Rights. It also encourages the entire UP Diliman community to consult or seek assistance from the IP and Technology Transfer Team under the Technology Transfer Program of the OVCRD.

OVCRD believes that through the Campaign, constituents of the university will become more aware of their rights and proactively avail the free IP services provided by the Office. These services include IP registration, patent search and patent search training, market study and assistance in commercialization.

Started in 2007, the Technology Transfer Program is the main mechanism through which the University facilitates the protection and deployment of its research and creative outputs. The IP and Technology Transfer Team of OVCRD also assists researchers and creative professionals in the development, protection, licensing, patenting, and marketing and commercialization of their works.

To know more about the Campaign, please refer to Memorandum No. FRN 14-006 Intellectual Property Protection Awareness Campaign and to updates via Facebook at and @IPtechtrans_UPD on Twitter.

To request for a schedule of orientation in your department/office, contact Paul Natividad of the IP and Technology Transfer Team through telephone number 981-8500 loc. 8763 or e-mail address


The Sumitomo Foundation is now accepting applications for the FY 2014 Grant for “Japan-related Research Projects”

For more information, visit their website at <>.

UP Diliman Showcases Groundbreaking Research and Creative Work in DOST’s National Science and Technology Week 2014

Please click HERE for PDF versionNSTW - press release ABB

Memorandum No. FRN 14-006 Intellectual Property Protection Awareness Campaign

Please click HERE for PDF version

Memorandum No. FRN 14-006_Intellectual Property Protection Awareness Campaign_Page_1
IP Campaign Concept Paper 1IP Campaign Concept Paper 2

Extended until 7 July 2014: Online applications for RLC/CWLC without project funding (2nd batch)

Memo FRN 14-001 RLC_CWLC 1stsem 2014-2015

OVCRD Journals Gain Highest Accreditation from CHED

OVCRD Journals Gain Highest Accreditation from CHED
Narita E.C. de las Alas

UP cover

The three journals of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD) – Humanities Diliman, Science Diliman and Social Science Diliman – have been accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as Category A (Very Good – Excellent) journals. Humanities Diliman received Category A-1 accreditation for 2013-2015 subsequent to its indexing in Scopus in 2012. Science Diliman and Social Science Diliman earned Category A-2 accreditation for 2014-2016 and 2013-2015, respectively. Category A-2 is the highest level of accreditation CHED confers to journals not (yet) listed in Scopus or Thomson Reuters.

UP cover

Category A journals receive a publication award of two hundred thousand pesos (PhP 200,000) per year from CHED during the period of accreditation. Moreover, faculty members who publish their works in Category A journals are deemed to have complied with the CHED’s requirements pertaining to international level publication. Category A journals are also endorsed by CHED for library subscription.

Humanities Diliman publishes scholarly works on Philippine humanities. As a Scopus-indexed journal, Humanities Diliman is covered by UP’s International Publication Award. Science Diliman features researches in both pure and applied sciences, while Social Science Diliman publishes scholarly articles about society and change. The three journals are published online through the OVCRD website <>.

SD cover-jan-june2014

The OVCRD is also pleased to announce that the online edition of the June 2014 issue of Science Diliman is now available <

Publishing Workshop: How to Get Your Research Published Internationally

Brill Poster2 (1)-page-001

Participation is free of charge but registration is required to help the organizers prepare for the workshop materials and snacks. Interested participants may register via email <>.

Seminar-Workshop on IP, IP Rights, and Copyright

Copyright Training - PosterA3-page-001

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