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Proceedings of the Lecture-Forum on the Intellectual Property Rights of UP

Author           : Lily Rose Roxas-Tope (Editor)

ISBN               : 971-8729-23-2

Year                : 1998

No. of pages : 64

Price               : (out of stock)

Philippine Folklore: Proceedings of the 2nd National Symposium

ISBN               : 971-1043-04-1

Year                :

No. of pages :

Price              :
(out of stock)

This collection of papers read during a symposium on “Philippine Folklore in Education for Nationhood” focuses on the incorporation of the study of Philippine folklore into the Philippine education system.

Philippine Drama: Twelve Plays in Six Philippine Languages

Authors         : Wilhelmina Q. Ramas, Filonila M. Tupas,  Alejandro J. Casambre, Marcela C. Zamora,  Maria Lilia F. Realubit, Consuelo M. Damasco

ISBN               : Paperback : 971-1043-01-7
Hardbound : 971-1043-02-5

Year                :

No. of pages :

Price               :
(out of stock)


Painting History: Revisions in Philippine Colonial Art

(Out of Print)

Author            : Patrick D. Flores
ISBN                : Paperback : 971-8729-15-1
Hardbound : 971-8729-16-X

Year                :

No. of pages :

Price               :
(out of stock)
Co-published by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. Winner of the 1999 Gawad Chanselor for Most Outstanding Book.

“This art history reconsiders how art historical productions, through the inculcated norms of art and history, tell the story of Philippine colonial painting, from the introduction of the practice in the Philippine ‘islands’ and ‘natives’ to its constitution as a State and academic institution of colonial rule. Inasmuch as these art histories have been contrived within local theoretical frameworks, we seek to track down the traces of certain critical modalities underwriting these perspectives, and so mark out a course for a reconstruction of the historical discourse through a critique of the said criticisms, a critical activity that inevitably discloses the tactics of the trade which organize particular operations within Philippine colonial art history and its attendant historiograhic analytic.” (from the Introduction)

On Your Own: Doing Research Without Plagiarizing

Author            : Eloisa P. Ventura

ISBN                :

Year                 :

No. of pages  :

Price                :
(out of stock)
This book is part of the G.E. English Reference Series. The books and monographs in this series address the practical concerns of college teachers of English at the General Education level. It is designed to support them in their task of developing students’ compliance in English and the concomitant abilities of critical and creative thinking.

May Gawa na Kaming Natapus Dini: Si Rizal at ang Wikang Tagalog

Author            : Nilo S. Ocampo

ISBN                : 971-8729-34-8

Year                :

No. of pages :

Price               :
(out of stock)


Mariano Ponce: Cartas Sobre La Revolucion

Authors          : Ma. Luisa T. Camagay, Wystan S. dela Peña

ISBN                : 971-8729-56-0

Year                :

No. of pages :

Price               :
(out of stock)

Co-published by the Sentro ng Wikang Filipino, UP Diliman

These letters, compiled and translated from Spanish to Filipino, embody the thoughts and ideals of Mariano Ponce, one of the leaders of the fight for independence from Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines. These letters were written from 1987 to 1900.

Management of Policy Formulation: The Generics Act of 1988

(Out of Print)

Author           : Edna E. A. Co

ISBN               :

Year                :

No. of pages :

Price               :
(out of stock)

Living Language

(Out of Print)

Authors         : Mabelle K. Guzman, Ruby G. Alcantara,  Patricia B. Arinto, Erniel B. Barrios,  Jonathan M. Malicsi, Nilo S. Ocampo,  Corazon DP. Marcial

ISBN               : Paperback : 971-8729-19-5
Hardbound : 971-8729-14-3
Year                : 1998

No. of pages :

Price               :
Php 300.00

Co-published by the UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies-ERP

*Winner of the 1999 Gawad Chancellor for Most Outstanding Researcher (Arts and Letters Cluster)

“…this [study] sought to assess language capabilities and needs of the workplace by studying a sample of employees [from both the public and the private sector] and students of professional colleges in three universities…. The study should be of interest to those of us who are part of the academe, as it provides useful insights on how we can prepare our graduates for the workplace, particularly insofar as language needs are concerned. It should be interesting to employers, employees, and students who should now realize that they figure prominently when universities decide on how to train and prepare students for the workplace. It should be especially interesting to university administrators who have the authority and the resources to influence the direction of policy in their institutions.” (from the Foreword)


(Out of Print)

Faculty and students may borrow a copy of this book at the UP Main Library through the UP Integrated Library System (UP iLib).

Authors         : Apolonio B. Chua, Rolando B. Tolentino, , Eulalio Guieb III, Luna Sicat, Rosario Torres-Yu, Delfin Tolentino

Year                : 1999

No. of pages : 460

Price               : (out of stock)

Co-published by the UP Departamento ng Filipino at Panitikan ng Pilipinas

This is a collection of literary pieces mostly written during the period 1960-1990. Through this compilation of original Filipino texts and foreign literary works translated into Filipino, the readers will experience the intense conflict between the individual’s simple life and the ordinary society to which he or she belongs.


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