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Intellectual Property


Intellectual property or IP refers to a creation of the mind. This means everything the human mind is capable of making, including literary and artistic works, inventions, designs, music, dance, plays, are all IPs. IP is thus a valuable concept that involves every aspect of the University’s roles: teaching, research, and extension work.

An IP right or IPR is the legal right of a creator or innovator to be recognized and to benefit from their work, and is obtained through registration of the IP at the IP Office. Depending on the type of IP involved, IPR may come in the form of copyright, patent, utlility model, industrial design, trademark, layout-design of integrated circuits, geographical indication, or trade secret. Registering IP and knowing one’s rights is important for an IP owner to share his ideas to the public while protecting his interests.


UP Diliman, through the OVCRD, is committed to enhancing the protection and deployment of research and creative outputs that may be highly beneficial to society and the economy through a process known as Knowledge or Technology Transfer, or the transfer of knowledge from the University to the public.

In 2007, the Technology Transfer Program of the OVCRD was formed to assist UP Diliman students and personnel with their research and creative work outputs, particularly in the protection, licensing, and marketing of their work. The IP and Technology Transfer Section of RDUO-OVCRD, which functions under the Program, also serves as UP Diliman’s Innovation and Technology Support Office or ITSO, a satellite office of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL).

Working within the framework of the Revised IPR Policy of the UP System and the Technology Transfer Act (RA 10055), the Unit, as an ITSO, is committed to providing services such as IP training, technology assessment, IP consultation, and licensing and negotiation assistance to its constituents in the University and the general public.

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Inquiries and communications on matters related to IPs of the UP Diliman are to be addressed to the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development through the Director of Research Dissemination and Utilization Office. For more information, please contact the IP and Technology Transfer Section at telephone no. 981-8500 local 8763 or email address